TG support on a renewed fleet with more than 40 units of different types, including trucks with semi-mega tautliner, dry bulk tank, low-loader, mini-TIR with or without platform and vans for express transport, providing specific solutions for different kind of loads.

The company’s fleet is continuously updated, taking into account the latest technological advances in the transport sector, particularly in terms of safety, efficiency and environment. The search for vehicles equipped with intelligent navigation support systems as well as the demand for next-generation engines, more efficient and equipped with the latest gas and particle reduction system, are some of these examples. The company has set a policy of preventive maintenance of their vehicles based on the recommendations of the manufacturers, and performed in their own workshops, providing a greater reliability to its vehicles.


Lenght: 13,60m
Width: 2,45m
Height: 2.95m
Europalets: 34
Weight: 24 000 kg

Truck 19 ton

Lenght: 6,40m
Width: 2,45m
Height: 2.60m
Europalets: 15
Weight: 10 000 kg


Lenght: 6,40m
Width: 2,45m
Height: 2.60m
Europalets: 15
Weight: 3 500 kg


Lenght: 4,20m
Width: 1,60m
Height: 1.80m
Europalets: 5
Weight: 1 200 kg

Dry Bulk Tank

Weight: 25 000 kg

Low Loader


The facilities located in the city of Guarda, exploit the benefit of excellent accessibility once it is crossed by two major highways, the A25 and A23.With a total area of more than 15 000 m2, the TG also have a covered area of 2,000 m2 for storage activities and reception of goods.